Apr 7, 2011


After a brief hiatus, we are back online as TrailFactorPDX.com.

So, the goal is to have an awesome site that members can interact on. Post race reports, put runs on the calendar, write articles, post comments, etc. Are you interested in helping? Drop me an email and I will create you a special account. It is super easy to post stories with pictures and I would love for everyone to get involved.

Welcome back!

Apr 7, 2011

Forest Park All Trail Challenge


The Forest Park Conservancy just announced details for the 2011 Forest Park All Trails Challenge. The short story is that they are putting the challenge out there for all able-bodied runners/hikers/walkers to cover every bit of the trail system, all in the name of raising funds that will be put to preservation and protection of the park.

If you are already thinking, “Well, I was gonna run all the trails anyway, and already planned on donating a few bucks to the park,” stop thinking that. Just stop. Because they are dangling a “week’s stay at La Fumade, a five-bedroom farmhouse in the Languedoc wine region of southern France” for the top fundraiser. Go for it, and bring me along if you win.

Apr 6, 2011

3 Non Joggers: Episode XXV

Yeah, we all thought they would have quit by now….  25 episodes, wow.

This time the talk about their favorite blogs, which were once known as “diaries”. Listen!



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